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Drs. Stoneman and Whitt presented this September at the Virginia Education Research Association regarding the effects of assessment modality on perceptions of student teacher performance. Many of the participants at the conference are involved in preparing teachers for future service in public schools and were up for a conversation regarding teacher quality and how we determine if pre-service teachers are ready to enter the field. 

We greatly value our teaching-away experiences as it connects our students in a very real way to other cultures and teaching methods. The Education Department is currently developing new international partner sites and anticipates offering placements in Edinburgh, Scotland; Madrid, Spain; Merida, Mexico; Lugano, Switzerland; Cobham, England; and Nice, France. Students sign up a year in advance for these and always find the experience worthwhile and life-changing.


Roanoke graduate earns statewide teaching award

Roanoke graduate earns statewide teaching award

Stephanie Doyle ‘99 was named Virginia’s top teacher for her devotion to students that goes far beyond her commitment in the classroom.

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