If you want to be a professional teacher, Roanoke College is a great place for you. Our nationally accredited Teacher Licensure Program leads to 16 different Collegiate Professional teaching licenses.

Virginia does not allow a major in education but requires a major and a licensing program to earn the Collegiate Professional teaching license. This certifies you to teach professionally in almost every state in the country.

The type of license you pursue will determine your major.
     - Elementary teachers choose any liberal arts major, except Business.
     - Secondary teachers take the major of their license. 

You'll be assigned an education advisor (in addition to your major advisor) who'll help keep you on track.

Our classes are small, our faculty experienced, and our instruction active. We model what we teach and, when you finish, you'll be a professionally licensed teacher. 


Student-Faculty Pair Tackles Multicultural Teaching and Learning

Student-Faculty Pair Tackles Multicultural Teaching and Learning

“Having this opportunity to plan and implement lessons for a year has been a real benefit,” says Musgrove. “I know that the kids have also benefited – how could you not from learning about another culture?”

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