Teacher Licenses

Roanoke College offers the following licensure programs:

For those who already have an undergraduate degree

Elementary education licensure candidates must major in a liberal arts discipline (any major except business administration) as required by the Virginia State Board of Education. Secondary education candidates must complete a liberal arts major in the subject appropriate to their licensure area.

An advisor from the Education faculty, in addition to the major advisor, is required for all students seeking teacher licensure. Guidance in the selection of both General Education and elective courses is strongly advised. Consultation with both the Education and major advisor is necessary since requirements for licensure often differ from major requirements. Many secondary subjects require courses in addition to major courses for teacher licensure.

Honors courses will count in the same manner as General Education courses. For specific information, consult with the major advisor.

Professor's Approach Helps Students from Kindergarten to College

Professor's Approach Helps Students from Kindergarten to College

For the last 10 years, Grant has conducted workshops in teaching science in the schools, mainly at the elementary level.

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