Why environmental studies?


Get real / The environmental studies program at Roanoke gives students the opportunity to explore real-world solutions for a sustainable world.

Get connected / Students examine the many interconnected factors that shape environmental realities-including the natural sciences, culture, economics, resource management and politics. Further, they are encouraged to consider their own place in the mix and how their actions can create significant change.

Get out there / The environmental program takes students far beyond the traditional classroom. 

Watch this video about Lea Lupkin when she was a student at Roanoke. She is now the Sustainability Program Coordinator at GreenerU. 


Dining Services Encourages Trayless Initiative

Dining Services Encourages Trayless Initiative

The college is experimenting with a trayless initiative in the Commons to promote environmental awareness among the college's community.

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"When I researched various options for college, Roanoke's environmental program was light years ahead of what other schools offered. The professors were wonderful. So much of my time was spent outdoors; it really opened up my mind for different ways of learning."

-Whitney Sorge, Park Ranger, Kerr Lake State Recreation Area


Classic Conversion: Roanoke students transform 1939 Pontiac into electric-powered vehicle

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