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Here are some of the projects from ENVI 270 Geographic Information Systems for Spring 2013.

Jon Wright  Potential for development of urban agriculture in Roanoke, Virginia (client project for the Roanoke Valley Regional Authority)

Carrie Carson  An interactive database of community supported agriculture in Virginia (client project)

Paul Brosnan  Evaluation of a proposed site for wetland reconstruction in Williamsburg, Virginia (client project for an environmental consulting firm)

Alaina Cassioppo  Healthy living index for Roanoke (client project for Dr. Liz Holbrook)

Brian Mangold  Impacts of the Roanoke Greenway on biodiversity

Will Fabrie Renewable energy potential in Virginia

Kim Johnson  The "Garden City"?  Urban green space in Valparaiso, Chile

Aaron Brisley  Environmental threats to coral reefs: a case study of La Isla Espiritu Santos (client project for Dr. Dar Jorgensen)

Carter Chumley  Development pressure and urbanization impacts on the Appalachian Trail

Steve Belknap  Historical changes in water use on the Colorado River

Alejandro Ramos  Development of an interactive database for cataloging fish specimens (client project for Dr. Steve Powers)

Abbey Davis  Population pressure and biodiversity loss: hotspot analysis


Dining Services Encourages Trayless Initiative

Dining Services Encourages Trayless Initiative

The college is experimenting with a trayless initiative in the Commons to promote environmental awareness among the college's community.

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"When I researched various options for college, Roanoke's environmental program was light years ahead of what other schools offered. The professors were wonderful. So much of my time was spent outdoors; it really opened up my mind for different ways of learning."

-Whitney Sorge, Park Ranger, Kerr Lake State Recreation Area


Classic Conversion: Roanoke students transform 1939 Pontiac into electric-powered vehicle

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