About the program

The environmental studies program at Roanoke gives students the opportunity to explore real-world solutions for a sustainable world.

Why environmental studies?

Get real. Students are encouraged consider their own place in the environment and how their actions can create real, sustainable change.

Get connected. Students examine the many interconnected factors that shape environmental realities-including the natural sciences, culture, economics, resource management and politics.

Get out there. The environmental program takes students far beyond the traditional classroom. Roanoke students spend much of their time out in the world-applying their skills toward positive results.

Explore firsthand

Much of the regular environmental studies coursework includes firsthand learning experiences. One day students might be assessing the health of waterways. The next, they might be grafting heritage trees.

In the capstone course, students work collaboratively as environmental consultants to solve a real-world problem in the community.

Students are encouraged to explore additional firsthand learning experiences through research, internships, independent studies and study abroad. Learn more.

What's next?

Graduates from Roanoke's environmental program have found meaningful work to suit their individual interests-from handling the marketing of Energy Star appliances for the EPA to leading bicycle demonstrations across the northeast U.S.

Others have gone on to study in graduate schools at such places as University of Illinois at Chicago, University of East Anglia and Lincoln University of New Zealand.  Learn more.

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"When I researched various options for college, Roanoke's environmental program was light years ahead of what other schools offered. The professors were wonderful. So much of my time was spent outdoors; it really opened up my mind for different ways of learning."

-Whitney Sorge, Park Ranger, Kerr Lake State Recreation Area


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