Environmental Studies Requirements

Major in Environmental Studies

The B.S. in Environmental Studies requires 13 units.  Major requirements are available in check sheet format.

The major embraces Environmental Studies as a highly interdisciplinary program spanning the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.  As such, it is especially well suited for a liberal arts college like Roanoke.  We have also chosen to emphasize connections to our campus and regional communities through projects in many of the courses.  The major culminates in ENVI 430 Environmental Practicum, where students will work as a team of environmental consultants with a local government or business as their client.

Core Courses, required of all students

ENVI 130 Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVI 230 Earth Systems Science w/lab
ENVI 240 Environment, Ethics, and Culture
ENVI 250 Environment and Society
ENVI 270 Geographic Information Systems
BIOL 205 Ecology w/lab
One additional unit of ENVI at the 300-level or higher
ENVI 430 Environmental Practicum

Students must also complete a 5-unit track

Environment & Society Track

One unit of social science methods chosen from SOCI 251, POLI 209, ECON 448
Two units of environmental applications chosen from SOCI 337, POLI 351, ECON 287
Two additional units chosen from ECON 121, 237, 287, ENVI 260, 305, 360, POLI 201, 202, 205, 333, 351, SOCI 215, 315, 324, 325, 335, 337, 340, and up to one unit of INQ 260 with an environmental topic.

Environmental Science Track

Five units chosen from the courses listed below, with four units in one discipline and one unit in a second discipline.

Any PHYS courses
Any ENVI courses
CHEM 111, 112, 221, 270
Any BIOL courses except BIOL 105 [Student choosing to use Biology courses will need to take BIOL 125 and will probably need BIOL 120 as both are prerequisite for most higher level Biology courses.  Students choosing to use Biology are encouraged to take courses at the whole organism or system level, including BIOL 235, 240, 265, 270, 280, 300, and 360]


Minor in Environmental Studies

Requires six units.

Four units of ENVI at the 200-level or higher
Two additional units chosen from any courses that may count in the major core or tracks


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