Environmental Studies Faculty & Staff

In addition to several core faculty in Environmental Studies, our interdisciplinary program is supported by academic departments across campus including Public Affairs, Biology, Sociology, Chemistry, Business Administration & Economics, History, and Religion & Philosophy.

 Dr. Valerie Banschbach
 Professor & Chair of Environmental Studies
Courthouse Annex 107

Dr. Banschbach's teaching and research interests include conservation ecology, agro-ecology, behavioral ecology, social insects (esp. ants and bees), tropical ecology, and pedagogy in environmental studies and science.


Dr. Jon Cawley
Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Courthouse Annex 104

Dr. Cawley teaches a broad range of environmental courses including systems dynamics, geology, and introduction to environmental studies. He offers general education courses on energy and the American Dream.

Dr. Kathy O'Neill
Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Courthouse Annex 105

Dr. O'Neill teaches courses on GIS, Earth Systems Science, and is currently teaching our capstone Environmental Practicum.  Her general education offerings include Risks & Resources.

Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef
Assistant Professor of Political Science 

Dr. Mihalache-O'Keef teaches ENVI 250 Environment & Society, political science methods, and related courses.  She offers a general education course on global food security.

Dr. Rachel Collins
Associate Professor of Biology 

Dr. Collins teaches several ecology courses as well as the Biology Department's biodiversity course.  She teaches a general education lab course entitled, "Citizen Zoologist."

Dr. Daniel Sarabia
Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Sarabia teaches Environment & Society, Environmental Sociology, and Global Population Problems.  He teaches an INQ courses on social justice as well as literary visions of the future.

Dr. Marwood Larson-Harris
Religion & Philosophy Teaching Associate

Dr. Larson-Harris teaches Environmental Philosophy as well as Ethics, Environment & Culture.  For Religion/Philosophy, he offers a range of courses primarily on Asian and Native American topics.

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"When I researched various options for college, Roanoke's environmental program was light years ahead of what other schools offered. The professors were wonderful. So much of my time was spent outdoors; it really opened up my mind for different ways of learning."

-Whitney Sorge, Park Ranger, Kerr Lake State Recreation Area


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