Art Major

The goal of the Art Major is to provide students with a broad-based general education in studio art (by requiring them to take a range of courses across media and in art history) and to create a framework that encourages students to develop knowledge, skills, and ideas within a single medium (via sequences of courses - basic, intermediate, and advanced - within media).

The Art Major consists of eleven units including a five-unit core and six upper-level courses as follows:

Core Courses (five units):

Select 2 from 2-D basic classes (ART 111, 121, 131, 151)
Select 1 from 3-D basic classes (ART 171, 181)
2 art history surveys (ARTH 146, 156)

Art majors must complete six additional units of art courses:

1. A 200-level and 300-level course in a single medium:
Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Sculpture
2. At least one 200-level or 300-level course in a second medium.
3. 3 electives:
2 additional units in art
1 additional unit in art or art history

Art Minor

The Art Minor seeks to provide students with the opportunity to study art in some depth. While it does not give students expertise, it is designed both to introduce students to various skills and ideas in the visual arts and to allow them some scope to develop those skills and ideas.

The minor in Art consists of six units. Three must be courses from the core, and two units must be studio art classes at the 200-level and above. The sixth unit may be any studio art course.

Opening minds to the power of art

Opening minds to the power of art

“Art doesn’t have to be just an object on the wall. It can move you or amuse you, or you can have an interaction with it that will change the way you look at something,” says Cassullo.

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