Art History and Archaeology Careers





Ph.D. in art history or archaeology
Resources for Art History
Graduate Students

Museum Work

M.A. in art history or archaeology
or museum studies
at the least; Ph.D. preferred

Historic Preservation

M.A or M.S. in historic preservation; usually
undergraduate courses in architectural drafting,
architectural history, and a survey of art history for acceptance.

Conservation/Restoration At least 1 year of chemistry as
an undergraduate; M.A. or M.S. in


B.A. in art history or archaeology; M.A.
or Ph.D. may be useful

Antiques / Art Galleries / Auction Houses

BA in art history; some
training in an auction house

Art Librarian

M.A. in art history and M.L.S.

Governmental Agencies

Advanced degrees in
art history or archaeology
may be required

Cultural Resources Management

Advanced degree in archaeology

may be required


Advanced degree
may be helpful,
but generally not required


Careers in Art History

Careers in Archaeology

Opening minds to the power of art

Opening minds to the power of art

“Art doesn’t have to be just an object on the wall. It can move you or amuse you, or you can have an interaction with it that will change the way you look at something,” says Cassullo.

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