Fall 2009 Olin Hall Exhibition Season

September 11 - October 9

Sarah Hazlegrove 1997-2009

Olin Gallery

The photos selected for the exhibit ‘Sarah Hazlegrove 1997-2009', are not only representative of the artistic and technical changes in Hazlegrove's work over the last twelve years, but also bear witness to many of the industry changes within this period of time with regards to photography equipment, processing, and printing. The exhibit is comprised of seven distinct bodies of work that range from the straight forward documenting of the family farm, to surreal landscapes, to the human butt as wall paper and carefully manipulated, maniacal and mythical scenes.

John Owen & Sarah Owen Strata

Smoyer Gallery

John Owen and Sarah Owen, a father-daughter duo, presents artwork that corresponds to their decorative and unique styles. While both find the same mediums applicable to their work, it is their different applied contexts that creates unquestionably distinctive art. John's work, generally "fast and gestural" contrasts Sarah's "tight and meticulous" compositions. Although different, John and Sarah do see similarities in their art, and their multi-leveled relationship prompts the audience to address the timeless question of nature versus nurture.

Artist Lecture and Opening Reception Friday Sept. 11th
• Sarah Hazlegrove at 5:30 p.m. in Olin Hall room 231
• Opening Reception from 6-8 p.m.

October 30 - December 11

Margaret Evangeline

Olin Gallery

Olin Gallery will present Margaret Evangeline's Polychromatic Series from the Roanoke College Permanent Collection. As a New York based, Louisiana-born artist, Evangeline explores different mediums that "deepens the immediacy of a moment." Her gunshot Polychromatic Series shows a departure from the traditional concepts of art and embraces a charged aesthetic language. Along with Permanent Collection Evangeline's' video "eXile" will be shown. "eXile" encompasses the dynamic world of a fashion photo shoot, through the eyes of an artist. It is an infusion of the process of Abstract Expressionism, coupled with the visual vibrancy of pop culture.


Rob Tarbell

Smoyer Gallery

For this show artist Rob Tarbell presents his work entitled Diagnostics, a series concentrated on the effect of smoke on paper. While the smoke is controlled and manipulated, it is allowed to remain true to its nature and "create random markings" upon the page. The series, a commentary on the Rorschach Inkblot test, further explores Tarbell's interest in the manipulation of "traditional materials". Diagnostics has evolved from Generators, a series of "works that combine elements of the parlor game ‘Ghost of My Friends' with the responses from the Rorschach Inkblot test." Tarbell hopes his work will "both balance accident with control and give permanence to the ephemeral."

Artist Lecture Thursday Oct. 29th
• Rob Tarbell at 5:00pm in Olin Hall room 231

Artist Lecture and Opening Reception Friday Oct. 30th
• Margaret Evangeline in Olin Gallery at 5:30 p.m.
• Opening Reception from 6-8 p.m.

January 15 - February 26

Roanoke College Fine Arts Faculty

Olin Gallery

Harriett Stokes/Alumni

Smoyer Gallery

Opening Reception Friday January 15th (6-8 pm)

March 12 - April 9

Paraphernalia for the Passage

Brian Counihan

Olin Gallery

Jeff Stockberger

Smoyer Gallery

Artist Lecture Thursday March 11th
• Jeff Stockberger at 5:00 in Olin Hall room #231
Artist Lecture and Opening Reception Friday March 12th
• Brian Counihan at 5:30 in Olin Hall room #231
• Opening Reception at 6:00 pm

April 16 - May 1

Art Majors Show

Olin & Smoyer Galleries

• Opening Reception April 16th from 6-8
• Closing Reception April 30th from 12-2



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