2011-2012 Olin Hall Exhibition Season

September 9th-October 9th

Remarking the Trail

Christopher Carroll

Olin Gallery

Christopher Carroll's exhibition Remarking the Trail examines one's relationship to the environment. Through video, sculpture, painting and installation Carroll's work echoes his struggle to engage with the natural environment that is encountered as a result of urban life. The artist states that "Despite the reoccurring themes of defeat found throughout my practice I believe that my work is not that of a cynic but instead that of a Romantic; its central operation is to make the insignificant appear monumental, the empty full, and the shallow deep."

Carroll has shown internationally and has work in the Federal Reserve and Capitol Ones collection. The artist currently lives and works in New York City.

The Alchemist's Tree

Gregory Vershbow

Smoyer Gallery

Gregory Vershbow creates historical, fictional and non-fictional narratives in the form of photographs and artist books. The Alchemist's Tree set in New England tells the story of three scientists determined to recreate earth's first plants by grafting together the pieces, pollen, and cells of modern botanical species. Comprised of portrait and "still life" photographs from the late nineteenth-century laboratory, this artist's book and its accompanying exhibition complicate distinctions traditionally made between art and nature.

Gregory's work can be found in the permanent collections of, Harvard University, Smith College, The Boston Athenaeum, The Art institute of Chicago and the Getty Museum. The artist currently lives and works in Washington DC.

• September 9th at 5:30 in Olin Recital Hall Carroll and Vershbow-Artists Lecture
• September 9th from 6-8 in Smoyer Gallery Opening Reception

October 28th-December 4th


Mark Fox

Olin Gallery


Internationally known artist Mark Fox will be creating a site specific installation in Olin Gallery entitled Outbreed. Fox creates multimedia installations that incorporate the artists' own distinct lexis of images and text as well as integrating religious and mythological decrees. Mark Fox is known for his two and three dimensional elegant assemblages that the artist creates by cutting text and images from paper, reconstructing and transforming these individual elements into epic structural forms.

Mark Fox is a New York-based artist and his work can be found in the public collections of The Museum of Modern Art (NY), Whitney Museum of Art (NY), Albright-Knox Art Gallery (NY), Philadelphia Museum of Art (PA) and the Cincinnati Art Museum (OH), among others.


Scott Hazard

Smoyer Gallery

 The exhibition Departures observes Hazard's photographic and text based constructs that serve as devices for poetic awareness. Scott Hazard's photographic work incorporates extractions from urban and pastoral landscapes that consist of layering the carefully torn images to define "sculptural voids". His work
"temporarily removes or alters the viewer's existing frame of reference to provide an opportunity for a different presence of mind, a distilled frame of reference."
Scott Hazard is an artist and landscape architect based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work draws on his background in planning, landscape design and construction and incorporates a fascination with the dialectics of people and landscape, and nature and artifice.

• Mark Fox-Artist Lecture October 28th at 5:30 in Olin Recital Hall
• Opening Reception October 28th from 6-8 in Smoyer Gallery

January 20th-Febuary 19th


Rob Humphreys

Olin Gallery

Mr. Humphreys is a painter, printmaker, and maker of objects. Many people have known him personally: but not his work which he religiously hides and often enough destroys.  Come look at the work.*

*Paraphrased and appropriated from Balthus, 1968

Troubled Girls and Home Economics

Kit Keith

Smoyer Gallery


Kit got her start as a painter assisting her father, a self-taught artist, sign-painter and a master gold leaf letterer.  Kit cites outsider art as an inspiration as she often will paint over a thrift store painting, incorporating the found imagery into her vision. Ms. Keith expresses her love of imagery from old magazines and advertisements. Kit's iconic portraits of elegant, wistful, figures, carefully placed on maps, old ledgers, and discarded papers are stoic, yet look as though they want to tell their stories. Her 12 year old son; Lincoln, is another driving force behind her creativity. His presence has inspired Kit to make lighter and brighter pieces. Kit has had many exhibitions, both in New York and St. Louis; solo shows at OK Harris and William Shearburn Gallery, including a series of drawings on 14 box spring mattresses at Exit Art. Her illustrations have also been featured in the New York Times, and New Yorker magazine.

• Artist Lecture-Rob Humphreys-January 20th at 5:30 in Olin Recital Hall
• Opening Reception January 20th from 6-8 in Smoyer Gallery

March 1st -April 1st

In the Event of Andy Warhol

Olin Gallery

In collaboration with Washington and Lee Stanier Gallery
Andy Warhol Exhibition will be at W&L January 9th -Feb 4th

Photo Credit:
Jimmy Carter , 1976
Polacolor Type 108
4 ¼ x 3 inches
Images © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Staniar Gallery at Washington & Lee University, Olin Hall Galleries at Roanoke College and the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum at Hollins University have been fortunate to be selected by the Andy Warhol Foundation to receive collections of Warhol’s Polaroid’s and black & white prints as part of the Warhol Photographic Legacy Program. In the Event of Andy Warhol, a collaborative exhibition of Warhol Photographs and contemporary artists that are inspired by or reference Warhol in their works will debut at Washington and Lee’s Staniar Gallery from Jan. 9 – Feb. 4, 2012, the exhibition will continue at Roanoke College’s Olin Hall Galleries from March 1-April 1, 2012.
In the Event of Andy Warhol will conclude with the edition of original Warhol works paired with artists that influenced him as well as his contemporaries at Hollins University’s Eleanor D. Wilson Museum from May 31st -September 15th, 2012.

Solo Expedition

Max Mitchell

Smoyer Gallery


Max Mitchell was the first place winner for the Olin Hall Galleries 2011 Biennial juried by Whitney Museum Curator Carter Foster. Max started painting in high school under the tutelage of Brian Counihan, local artist and professor of Art and Humanities at Community High School in Roanoke VA. Max is a recent graduate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and is currently attending U-Penn.

• Opening Reception March 1st from 6-8 in Smoyer Gallery

April 13th-May 5th

 Art Majors Show

Olin &Smoyer Galleries

• Opening Reception April 13th from 6-8 in Smoyer Gallery
• Closing Reception May 4th from 12-2 in Smoyer Gallery


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