Roanoke College

Fall 2014  
September 5-October 5

September 5   5:30 pm -Ralph Eaton lecture in Olin Recital Hall
September 5 6-8 pm Opening Reception

   Ralph Eaton
Tournament of Kudzu Parade

Olin Gallery

The Tournament of Kudzu Parade is an installation-based exhibition of sculptural work by Ralph Eaton. The exhibition title is a riff on the annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Ca. which employed Eaton for ten years. Since returning to Roanoke, Va., Eaton has been working on and exhibiting his own art, and volunteering his time and energy to helping organize, produce, and contribute to numerous art and music events, including The Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival Parade, PROject proJECT, Collab Fest, and FloydFest.
Visit Eaton at

For this exhibition Eaton adapts a parade sensibility to an indoor space, and blends it with other sculptural processes and ideas that he has been experimenting with for years. The result is a mash-up of lowbrow absurdist spectacle, low budget DIY float construction, with a dayglo palette and psychedelic lighting.  The theme of this parade is simply "stop making sense". The Tournament of Kudzu Parade is a reuse/recycling partnership between the artist and Goodwill Industries® of the Valleys.

New Acquisitions
Smoyer Gallery

Alex Brown,Sad Vader
This exhibition of new acquisitions brings together recent gifts to the Roanoke College's Permanent Art Collection that augments the strengths of the College's diverse holdings. Works represent internationally and nationally known artists: Derrick Adam, Ricky Allman, Michelle Arcilia, Dennis Ashbaugh, Pattie Lee Becker, Alex Brown, N. Dash, Franklin Evans, Clare Gill, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Mike Montero, Carrie Marill, Gary Peterson, Valerie Roybal, Mark Uriksen, and Firooz Zahedi.

October 24 -December 5

  October 24 5:30 pm Travis Head lecture in Olin Recital Hall
October 24 6-8 pm Opening Reception

November 14, 6-8, FFC Performance/Workshop

The Fylfot Fellows Correspondence Club
Olin Gallery

The Fylfot Fellows Correspondence Club is a US-based artist collective comprised of members Travis Head, David Dunlap, Zach Stensen, and Josh Black.  Formed as a letter-writing project in 2007, the group has evolved into a collaborative practice centered on drawing, object-making, and installation.  Over the past five years the collective has worked to develop a visual lexicon, which, at its roots serves as an ongoing dialogue between members, while also chronicling the group's history.  Since the Fylfots are no longer anchored in a central location, their reconvening often takes place in the context of a project or exhibition, and the subsequent work is imbued with personal iconography that explores themes of wayfaring, history, and friendship.  In almost all cases each drawing bears marks by every member and no piece is ever considered complete; the works act as living, breathing documents of their story.
Find more information about the Fylfot Fellows on their website at

M.A.P. (Mail Art Project)
Smoyer Gallery

M.A.P. has been created to bring together a community of artists through art in the form of mail. The concept of this project is for a piece of mail art to be created and mailed to an individual who can then choose to:

  •    "Add and Return", expand on the work received to create a collaborative piece of art 
  •   "Add and Pass", adding to the work, and sending it on to someone else
  •  Create your own original piece of mail art and send it to Olin Hall Galleries
  • Keep the mail art you have received

Olin Hall Galleries has organized this visual "pen-pal" venture and M.A.P. exhibition to represent an international outreach and exchange from Roanoke and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to have a M.A.P. piece mailed to ever country and U.S. state. These works will be documented through a world map that tags the locations in which pieces have traversed and the exhibition will feature all works returned to the Gallery in time for the exhibition. 

The map is located here:


January 23-February 22

January 23 5:30 pm Barbara Weissberger lecture in Olin Recital Hall
January 23 6-8 pm Opening Reception

Barbara Weissberger
 light / mirror / paper / meat
Olin Gallery

  Barbara Weissberger's installations are kaleidoscopic creations which examine the connections between beauty and disgust, the nature of consumption and meat as metaphor. Through the use of photography and mirrors the artist creates symmetries, distortions and illusions; abstract pattern, shape and color draw the viewer in while at the same time the material itself may push the viewer away.  Weissberger's idiosyncratic mix of elements in her work was described by the   writer Sherrie Flick as "stacked  and wrapped-harmoniously, improbably, united in their disparity." The mix of different materials and play is central to Weissberger's process, her "images grow out of improvisation and the pleasure of working with materials."

Judith Klausner
From Scratch
Smoyer Gallery

Judith Klausner challenges the nostalgia of the past with the convenience of the present by using traditional women's crafts to create works that speak about the nature of our changing culture. In the artists series  From Scratch, Klausner explores "the intertwined histories of gender and craft" and how they have "shaped one another and our everyday lives. Today, as we come to realize that something has been lost in the mechanization of everything around us, there is a return to the idea that making something from its most basic parts has great value. "
The artist challenges what is seen as small and often disregarded ephemera of life, questioning what defines objects as ephemeral.

March 13-April 5

 March 13 at 6:30 pm  Awards and Lecture: Doug McClemont in Smoyer Gallery
March 13 6-8 pm Opening Reception

2015 Biennial
Olin and Smoyer Gallery

 Juror -Doug McClemont

Doug McClemont is a writer and curator based in New York. He is Contributing Editor for ART+AUCTION and monthly contributor to ART news. His critical writing appears regularly in print and online in, ArtSpace, Publishers' Weekly, Library Journal, and Huffington Post. In addition to authoring numerous essays for books on contemporary art, he has been the subject of profiles in publications from Time Out New York and Frieze. Among the celebrated exhibitions he has curated is "Nobody Gets the See the Wizard. Not Nobody. Not Nohow." a multi-media event that featured artworks by Charles Atlas Deborah Kass, Nayland Blake and Robert Gober. McClemont is the longtime New York writer for The SAATCHI Gallery, as well as one of its "100 Curators in 100 Days." This year, McClemont will be part of a panel of judges for the Google Motion Photography Prize, a global open entry competition for artists and creative people working with animated GIFs. 

  To download a copy of the Biennial application click here.

April 10-May 1

April 10 6-8 pm Opening Reception
May 1 12-2 pm Closing Reception

Art Major Show
       Olin & Smoyer Galleries