Many students expand their knowledge and skill sets through internship experiences off campus. This type of introduction to working in the field is very beneficial for students interested in getting jobs in the public sector after college. The fine arts department prides itself on helping students find meaningful internship experiences with local and national organizations.

Organizations Recently Hosting Interns:

  • Disney World
  • Noble Talent Agency
  • Patricia Spencer Design
  • Roanoke College Public Relations Office
  • Stedman House - Interior Design
  • Sheldon Fine Art Gallery
  • WDBJ Channel 7, Roanoke
  • WSLS Channel 10, Roanoke
  • Jefferson Center
  • Soleil et Lune: Art Glass Studio and Gallery
  • Taubman Museum
  • Wallace Designs
  • Robertson Marketing
  • Next Media Group Inc.
Opening minds to the power of art

Opening minds to the power of art

“Art doesn’t have to be just an object on the wall. It can move you or amuse you, or you can have an interaction with it that will change the way you look at something,” says Cassullo.

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