May Term

The College provides a wide array of Intensive Learning opportunities, including travel courses as well as on-campus courses. The majority of these courses are offered in May, during a three-week term, although some travel courses may run a little over or a little under the three-week period.

Examples of Past Intensive Learning Courses:

The Broadway Musical: Evaluating the American Musical Theater and Its Role in Culture
An examination of one of the most privately subsidized and widely exported products of American culture: the Broadway musical. Works from American musical theater have been translated and produced in nearly every country in the world. But is it just spectacle, or is there something deeper that attracts audiences and investors? Is this art or just entertainment? Can it be both? Who are the artists, who are the producers, who is the audience and what are the compromises? This course will study the artistic and cultural traditions, the limitations and the possibilities inherent with the Broadway musical. Travel to New York City to experience productions from Broadway to off-off-Broadway is part of this course.

Introduction to sound sampling, synthesis and sequencing using Max/MSP
This course offers intensive hands-on training in MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) sequencing, sound sampling, and sound synthesis, using the leading computer digital signal processing software package, Max/MSP. Open to students with little or no background in music and/or computer science, the course culminates in a public presentation of original student works.

SCOTLAND: Artistic Legacy and Cultural Identity
Scotland: misty highlands, craggy coastlines, castles, battles, cities of granite spires... from Viking sagas to Romantic novels, Victorian monuments to modern art... This course is a multidisciplinary study of Scottish culture as manifested in art, literature, and landscape. Scotland has produced celebrated writers and made major contributions to the history of art and architecture in Britain. While Scotland is part of the UK, it maintains a distinct cultural cohesiveness - aspects of which we shall study during two weeks of travel around the country. The Itinerary includes Glasgow, Stirling, Inverness, Orkney Isles, Edinburgh. Instructors: Drs. James Hargrove & Dana-Linn Whiteside

Visualizing Italy
In this course students will study how Italian artists have visualized their world and how we, as travelers to Italy, visualize that world in our turn. We will explore a variety of ways Italian artists throughout history have depicted the world; we will tie Italian art to its context, history and environment; and we will analyze our own responses to the art and setting of Italian culture. The class will stay several days in Rome, Florence, and Venice, and make day trips to Orvieto, Siena, and Padua. Instructors: J. Long and K. Shortridge.

This course focuses on the production of ceramics using high-fire porcelain and whiteware clay. This rarest and most precious of all pottery clays has been used throughout history for wares of the most exquisite refinement and beauty. We will work with porcelain and other white clays, use the famous celadon and copper red glazes always associated with them, and visit several artists who work with porcelain in their studios. This course is open to non-majors as well as majors. Instructor: S. Hardwig

Computer Graphics
This course examines the development of computer graphics in the arts. Emphasis will be on learning several graphic software packages and specialized equipment. Students will produce original works of art and graphic products with applications to the design /media industry. A student must possess knowledge of basic design concepts or drawing skills. Instructor: Elizabeth Heil


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