Scholarship Opportunities for Art Students

Interested in majoring in art? We are interested in supporting you through an art scholarship!

For students entering Roanoke College in fall 2014, we are able to offer awards up to $2,500 for those interested in majoring in art. For the scholarship application, we require the following two items:

  • Portfolio-images of 5-8 of your best work that demonstrates your range of skills and ideas. Images should be 4"x6"jpeg format, approximately 300dpi in size. Please indicate title, size, media, and date of creation for each piece.
  • Statement-a short (250 word) statement that addresses your motives for making art and your goals for becoming an art major at Roanoke College. 

To submit your materials, please log on to:

The scholarship window will be open on January 15th.
The application should be completed and submitted by February 15th.

We will review the materials upon receipt and you will hear back from us at the end of March.

Tamara Duricka keeps up with entertaining challenges

Tamara Duricka keeps up with entertaining challenges

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