Alpha Psi Omega

Roanoke College houses the Gamma Psi chapter of the national theatre honor fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. Members are recognized for their hard work and dedication to the theatre. Students not yet asked to join Alpha Psi Omega are encouraged to work with the Understudy Cast.

The Understudy Cast tries to involve students in the theatre at Roanoke College. For those interested in acting, they are invited to try out for the Directing class scenes, APsiO productions in the black box theatre, and even parts in Mainstage productions. Students more technically inclined are encouraged to help in the shop, build and paint sets, work with lighting and sound, and other things backstage. The Understudy cast is kept abreast of what goes on in the theatre at RC, and are often invited to see other theatre events in the community.

Executive Cast

Megan Corsnitz

Vice President
Molly Howser




Faculty Advisor
Lisa C. Warren

Hatter’s creations seen around the world

Hatter’s creations seen around the world

The former studio arts major at Roanoke College designs and builds custom puppets for his clients from his basement workshop in Roanoke. He founded Thistledown Puppets in 2006.

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