5 Women Wearing the Same Dress

November 14, 15, 16, 17, 2001

Frances Lori Spitzer*
Meredith Gina Feazelle
Trish Mckinley Goad
Georgeanne Beth Feazell*
Mindy Johannah Riling
Tripp Christopher Sloan*

Director – Dr. Bruce Partin*
Stage Manager – Antonia Samaritano
Assistant Stage Managers – Joe Stephenson, Becky Lewis-Whitson
Scene Designer/ Technical Director – George Arthur*
Scene Painting/ Set Dresser – Stacey Horne
Scene Shop Assistants – Lori Spitzer, Eric Seelbach, Stacey Horne
Props – Antonia Samaritano, Lauren Maul, Casey Harman, Jennifer Whitmore, Courtney Smith, Gina Feazelle, Lori Spitzer
Sound- Stacey Horne
Set Construction/ Painting – Joan Bennet, Josh Collins, Justin Freedman, Joe Ghobrial, Amanda Goad, Chris Sloan, Jennifer Granger, Casey Harman, Breanna Lawson, Becky Lewis-Whitson, Ashley Marsh, Lauren Maul, Katie Quillen, Erin O’ Connell, Eric Seelbach, Meredith Paul, Courtney Smith, Jennifer Whitmore, Karlee Yurek*
Poster Design- Payal V. Patel
House Managers – Many Philips, Heidi Weddle

denotes member of Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honors Society.

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Opening minds to the power of art

Opening minds to the power of art

“Art doesn’t have to be just an object on the wall. It can move you or amuse you, or you can have an interaction with it that will change the way you look at something,” says Cassullo.

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