Dark Rapture


Andrew J. Golden
Babcock Gavin Doyle
Julia Danielle Terebey
Danny, Scones Josh Nathaniel
Vegas Brian Roser
Lexington Chris Severance
Toni, Lounge Singer Sheryl McCoy
Ron Joe Sachetti
Nizam, Waiter Paul W. Howle, IV
Bartender, Mathis, Waitress Kimberly L. Eslinger
Renee Melissa Gregory
Max Molly C. Littrell
Director Dr. Carol Schafer
Stage Manager Amy Kern*
ASMs Jane Flegal, Tracy Lowman
Light design/Technical Director George Arthur
Props Kelli Wilson
Costumes Roberta Hipp
Sounds James Guthrie
* denotes member of Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honors Society.
Professors Also Scholars in the Classroom

Professors Also Scholars in the Classroom

Long and Wolff tackle students’ curiosity in the classroom and utilize teaching experience to guide them in their journeys as scholars.

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