Dark of the Moon

John Justin R. Overcash
Conjur Man Joseph Rayburn*
Dark Witch Corynne R. Linkous*
Fair Witch Beth Feazell
Conjur Woman Janice A. Laccone
Hank Gudger Chris Cain
Edna Summey Lori E. Spitzer
Mr. Summey Matthew Poferl
Mrs. Summey Amy Cline
Miss Metcalf Meredith Paul
Mr. Atkins Joe B. Stephenson
Mrs. Jenkins Megan E. Demmler
Uncle Smelicue Christopher A. Sloan
Floyd Allen Eric Seelbach
Mr. Bergen Paul Williamson Howle IV*
Mrs. Bergen Laura E. Ellerbeck
Burt Dunwitty Mike Rigoli
Greeny Gorman Becky Lewis-Whitson
Hattie Heffner Penny Patty
Marvin Hedgens Christopher P. Keyser
Barbara Allen Carly Abbott
Mrs. Allen Dana Hunter
Mr. Allen Reid Dougherty
Ella Bergen Carrie Traud
Leafy Mandy Philips
Preacher Haggler Chris Severance*
Witch Chorus Lyndsey Baker, Gina Feazelle, Alayna McIntyre, McKinley Goad, Stacey Horne
Director Lisa Warren*
Set Design/Technical Director George Arthur
Lighting Design/Technical Consultant Jon Dorsey
Stage Manager Dan Sciarra
ASM Antonia Samaritano
Master Electrician Amanda Gamari
Sound Joy Daniel*
Square Dance Christopher P. Keyser
Witches Dance Stacey Horne

* denotes member of Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honors Society.
Creating art through first-hand experience

Creating art through first-hand experience

“I have my students look at tangible objects instead of creating something abstract,” Shortridge said. “I make my students work hard because they become better painters or drawers that way. The knowledge is theirs to use.”

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