Dream of a Common Langauge

By Heather McDonald
November 7,8,14,15 2003







Voice of Daniel

Voice of Clive

Young Woman

Johannah Riling*

Andrew Kearns

Zachary Stephens

Sarah Tolson

Erin Alexander

Clark Mollenhoff

Eric Seelbach*

Paul Garland*

Vivian Gibbons*

Director - Lisa C. Warren*
Technical Director - George N. Arthur*
Scene Design - Staycie Horne*
Lighting Design - Eric Seelbach*
Stage Managers - Kealy Wilson* and Vivian Gibbons*
Master Electrician - Tyler Hall
Sound Operator - Paul Garland
Scene Shop Assistants - Eric Seelbach, Staycie Horne, Tyler Hall
Poster Design - Jenny Lindsay
Set Construction and Painting - Erin Alexander, Lindsay Anderson, Joseph Barbee, Michelle Beabes, David De Mello, Jennifer DeMello, Paul Garland, Vivian Gibbons, Kathleen Griffin, Tyler Hall, Staycie Horne, Diane Lucado, Emily Ocheltree, Katie Owens, Megan Phaup, Johannah Riling, Ross Sanner,Julie Shaef, Eric Seelbach, Kristina Seilhymer,Anne Shelton, Brandon Smith, Allyson Spollen, Elliot Stallings, Amanda Strine, Adam Tout, Kaleigh Wheeling, Kealy Wilson
Costume Crew -Lisa C. Warren, Kealy Wilson, Vivian Gibbons, Johannah Riling
Props - Diane Lucado, Megan Phaup, Kristina Seilhymer, Allyson Spollen, Vivian Gibbons, Kealy Wilson

Tamara Duricka keeps up with entertaining challenges

Tamara Duricka keeps up with entertaining challenges

An English major at Roanoke, this Maroon has applied the skills she learned at the College in a variety of ways. From blogging about 31 dates in 31 days to writing for a television show, Duricka sure knows how to keeps things interesting.

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