By Romulus Linney
April 3, 4, ,5 ,6, 2002

Can Can


Andrew Ranney

French Woman

Beth Feazell *


Lori Spitzer *

Country Woman

Casey Harmon

Clair De Lune


Christopher Sloan*


Beth Feazell

Ave Maria

Abbess of Gandersheim

Beth Feazell


Casey Harman

Brother William

Brendan Bradley

Abraham, a hermit

Drew Ranney

Mary, his niece

Lori Spitzer

Gold and Silver Waltz

Romulus Linney

Chris Sloan

Songs of Love:

Susan Logan

Casey Harman

Lilillian Barbow

Lori Spitzer

Buddy Slade

Drew Ranney
Finley Runney

Brendan Bradley

Cora Slade

Beth Feazell

Yankee Doodle:

Jesse Grant

Brendan Bradley


Drew Ranney


Beth Feazell

Director - Dr. Lisa C. Warren*
Stage Managers - Ashley Marsh, Amy Cline
Technical Director/Lighting Design - George N. Arthur
Scene Shop Assistants - Eric Seelbach, Lori Spitzer, Staycie Horne
Properties Master - Jennifer Boyd
Light Board Operator - Staycie Horne
Sound Design - Lisa Warren, Jon Dorsey
Sound Operator - Mike Rigoli
Set Painting & Construction - Josh Collins, Ashely Marsh, Melissa Moyer, Mike Rigoli, Rebecca Skaar, Kealy Wilson, Eric Seelbach, Lori Spitzer, Staycie Horne, Derek Demmler
Costumes - Lisa Warren, Mary Fitzgerald
Poster & Program - Ronda Philips

Kandinsky Trio Calls Roanoke College Home

Kandinsky Trio Calls Roanoke College Home

The Kandinsky Trio has achieved a special harmony not only with each other and their music, but with the Roanoke College community.

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