Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare
November 8,9,15,16, 2002




A Sea Captain



Sir Toby Belch

Sir Andrew


Feste, a clown





Lords, Priests, Sailors, Officers, Attendants

Mike Rigoli*

Reid Dougherty

Joshua Collins

Brendan Bradley

Leslie Campbell

Kristen Jasper

Andrew Ranney

Christopher Cain*

Christopher Sloan

Eric Seelbach*

Gina Feazelle*

Amy Cline*

McKinley Goad*

Janice Laccone*

Staycie Horne*, Casey Harmon, Meghan Sheehan, Amanda Strine, Amanda Smelser, Jacob Varney, James Dunne, Luscious Wedge, Brendan Bradley

Director - Lisa C. Warren*
Technical Director & Scene Design - George N. Arthur
Costumer - Patricia Bessolo
Stage Manager - Jennifer Whitmore
Assistant Stage Manager - Kealy Wilson
Scene Shop Assistants - Staycie Horne, Eric Seelbach and Mike Rigoli
Master Electrician - Tyler Hall
Sound Operator - Paul Garland
Scenic Artist - Staycie Horne
Set Construction and Painting Jennifer Granger, Chris Cain, Leslie Campbell,Amy Cline, Megan Demmler, Chris Ebling, Greg Elrod, Gina Feazelle, Kristen German, Kealy Wilson McKinley Goad, Glenn Hayman, Erick Larson,Jenny Lindsay April Lynch, Hillary MacArthur, Valerie McQueen,Clark Mollenhoff, William Piatt, Drew Ranney, Dana Smith, Amanda Strine, Alfred Tower, Josh Wright, Vivian Gibbons, Chris Sloan
Consultant - Dr. Gary Gibbs
Guita Solos - Peter Golladay
Choreography - Staycie Horne & Amanda Smelser
Fight Choreography - David Dvorscak
Costume Crew - Gina Feazelle, Chris Cain,Janice Laccone Lucious Wedge, Amy Cline, Jennifer Granger,Jennifer Whitmore, Kealy Wilson, Lisa Warren
Wig Design - Ashley Mitchell
Poster Design - Gina Feazelle

Kandinsky Trio Calls Roanoke College Home

Kandinsky Trio Calls Roanoke College Home

The Kandinsky Trio has achieved a special harmony not only with each other and their music, but with the Roanoke College community.

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