Roanoke College

Health Professions Advisory Group


About the Program

Roanoke offers an individualized, multidisciplinary approach that thoroughly prepares you for entering a career in healthcare. View healthcare career paths.

Why prepare for Pre-Med and Pre-Health professions at Roanoke?

Challenged. Roanoke's rigorous programs in sciences, social sciences, and health and human performance build a solid academic foundation to uphold you as you progress to advanced studies. 

Supported. Faculty advisors work with you from your freshmen year and every step of the way. They not only help you select appropriate coursework and extracurricular activities, but also work with you to prepare for admissions testing, draft personal statements and develop strategies for professional school interviews. 

Centered. The Roanoke Valley is a medical hub for southwestern Virginia; Roanoke's rapidly growing medical community, including two new medical schools and two major hospital systems, creates tremendous learning opportunities for students.

Real-world Experiences

You are encouraged to complete significant internships with healthcare professionals in their chosen fields,you also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of high-level research projects at Roanoke.

Such experiences give you a distinct advantage when applying to medical and other professional graduate schools.



What's next?

Our graduates have an excellent track record of gaining entry into some of the most prestigious health care programs in the country. 

Students go on to successful careers in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, public health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, nuclear medicine, medical social work, physician assistant and more.