Preparing for Pharmacy School

What You Should Do When...

Every year:

  • Keep your grades up!
  • Take pre-requisite courses for pharmacy school and your major.
  • Major in whatever you're interested in and passionate about!
  • Participate in Students Interested in Health Careers.
  • Attend health-related programs on campus (including the Hylton Lecture) and visits from representatives of health professions schools.
  • Make sure your name is on HPAG's mailing list.
  • Stay up-to-date about issues related to pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, and health care in general.  Read the health page of a major newspaper and/or choose INQ/HNRS class sections with a healthcare focus.
  • Investigate shadowing opportunities, placements, and internships with pharmacists.  Investigate summer paid or voluntary medically-related experiences.



  • Log on the PCAT web site to learn about the Pharmacy College Admission Test.
  • Log on the PHARMCAS web site to learn about the process required for application to pharmacy schools.
  • Make a preliminary list of schools that interest you and research their pre-requisite requirements.


  • Prepare to take the PCAT. Consider taking a preparatory course.  (Contact Career Services early this year for scholarship opportunities.)
  • Take the PCAT in spring semester.
  • Decide where to apply.  Be sure to check school requirements!
  • Complete the pharmacy school online application form through the PHARMCAS web site. Submit on the first day possible.
  • Conduct a practice interview with members of HPAG.
  • Request letters of recommendation.


  • Finish up any required pre-requisite courses for pharmacy school and your major.
  • Complete secondary applications.
  • Interview!

What If You Don't Get In? Try Again!

  • Contact schools and ask an admissions counselor what your weak areas are and how you can strengthen your application in the next round.
  • Apply again.