Roanoke College


Internship Application


Please share with HPAG as much information as you can about the type of placement that you desire (including type of health profession, type of setting, type of activity, desired number of hours, and any other helpful information). If you have any contacts that would be helpful in creating the placement, please describe them.

The Health Professions Advisory Group strongly encourages students who are interested in pursuing a career in any of the health professions to get experience(s) in the health field. This experience may be in the form of employment, an internship (which must be arranged through a faculty member in the student's academic major), or a short-term placement. HPAG is beginning a program that will help students locate an appropriate short-term placement in the Roanoke Valley. A short-term placement is defined as being at least ten on-site hours (with a minimum of two hours on each visit) spread over a number of weeks to be arranged with the supervising health care professional.

HPAG's intention is to create these placements for students who have a genuine interest in a health career, who have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average, and who will take seriously this opportunity. We will attempt to provide the best possible match for each applicant, but, as a beginning program, we cannot yet guarantee that an appropriate placement will be found for everyone. In considering applicants, we will consider information provided on the placement request form, information from academic and disciplinary records, and possibly additional conversations that we will have with you.

If you anticipate wanting to do a health-related placement, please complete the form and return it to Professor Jim Buriak in the Department of Health and Human Performance. In addition please feel free to chat with any of the members of HPAG (Dr. Sarisky, Prof. Buriak, Dr. Crozier, Dr. Johann, Dr. Poli, and Dr. Morris) about your interests.