Research Opportunities

Admissions committees in health professions schools value participation in undergraduate research. At Roanoke, students may participate in the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (which spans all four years), independent studies and honor projects. Students may also work with faculty in a wide variety of ongoing research projects in their labs, including summer research that is often funded through the Summer Scholar Program or by special summer fellowships.

Another opportunity for students to gain valuable research experience is available in the College's new Undergraduate Research Assistant Program. This program enables selected incoming freshmen to assist faculty in conducting innovative research projects during the students’ freshman year. These research projects often continue through students' senior years, are paid positions and often result in published scholarly material under both the professor and student's names. Students must apply to the program before arriving at Roanoke.

Summer research opportunities are also available to Roanoke students. This research is often funded by one of the summer fellowship opportunities available through Roanoke College, including the Summer Scholar Program.