Health Professions Club (SIHC)

Students Interested in Health Careers is a student organization created in Fall 2005. Its purpose is “to work independently and with the Health Professions Advisory Group to sponsor activities and programs related to health, medicine and the health professions and to foster a sense of camaraderie among students interested in the health professions.”

Currently, there are more than 60 members. Students interested in joining or in learning more about SIHC should contact any of the officers.

Sample of Recent Activities:

  • Field trip to the University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Sponsorship of campus blood drive
  • Presentation by Janet Crawford, who has served in a variety of health care leadership positions including 13 years as Vice President for a regional health care system, on "Managed Care: An Insider's Point of View"
  • Presentation by Paris Butler, 2001 RC graduate and fourth year medical student at the University of Virginia, on "My Experiences as a Medical Student"
  • Presentation by Katherine Au, graduate of the Tia Sophia Institute for the healing arts, on "Alternative Healing Therapies"
  • Presentation by Dr. Charles Lamb, family practice physician, on his experience with "Medical Mission Trips"
  • Participation on an Earthbound-sponsored community service activity
  • Field Trip to the Virginia - Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine


2009-2010 Officers:

SIHC officers 2009

Left to right: Nick Bonenfant, Kenny Lampert, Katherine Blaney, Sarah Cohen, Geoffry Bader

2008-09 Officers:


Hall, Naylor, Blaney, and Bonenfant

  • President: Matthew Hall (far left)
  • Vice President: Jameson Hinkle (not pictured)
  • Treasurer: Nick Bonenfant (far right)
  • Secretary: Rachel Naylor (center left)
  • Activities Coordinator: Katie Blaney (center right)



Faculty Advisors - Dr. DorothyBelle Poli and Dr. Gary Hollis