James Buriak
Alumni 309A, (within Almuni Gym)
Associate Professor

Dr. John W. Creasy, Jr.
Bast 243
Associate Professor and Department Chair

Cynthia Edmunds
Alumni 210C
Teaching Associate

Mike Buurman, ATC
C Homer Bast 135
Athletic Trainer

Dr. Elizabeth Holbrook
Alumni 210A
Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Maina
Bast 244
Associate Professor

Dr. Julie Maina
Bast 300
Associate Professor

Dr. Matt Rearick
Alumni 215
Assistant Professor

Shawn Urbanek, ATC
Bast 121
Athletic Trainer


David Dallas
Part-Tim Lecturer, Fitness for Life

Richard G. Graham
Part-time Senior Lecturer, Fencing

William Hughes
Part-Tim Lecturer, Fitness for Life

R. Linton Leary
Part-time Senior Lecturers, Backpacking and Scuba

John D. Lynch
Part-Time Lecturer, Karate

Sandra Meythayler
Part-Time Lecturer, Dance

Rennie Rauch
Part-Time Lecturer, Pilates

Jeannine Simon
Par-Time Lecturer

Deborah Stevens
Part-Time Lecturer, Yoga

Roanoke Faculty Create Band

Roanoke Faculty Create Band

Between faculty meetings and finals, Drs. Maina, Buchholz and Grant find time to march to the beat of their own drums after creating a faculty band last fall. None of the aforementioned faculty can be found in the music department, but these three still know how to perform for a crowd.

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