The Certified Athletic Trainer

The certified athletic trainer is a well-educated and highly skilled individual responsible for health care in athletics. An athletic trainer works side by side with physicians and other health professionals, and is a valuable member of the athletic health care team. Athletic trainers have found homes in a wide variety of settings. They are present in secondary schools, colleges, sports medicine clinics, professional sports, as well as other health care settings.

Domains of Athletic Training

I: Injury/Illness prevention and wellness protection
II: Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
III: Immediate and emergency care
IV: Treatment and rehabilitation
V: Organizational and professional health and well being


Certified athletic trainers have at least a bachelor's degree from a CAATE accredited athletic training program. Athletic trainers also do extensive study in human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition. Along with classroom study there are many clinical and field experience requirements. These requirements are fulfilled under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer or approved clinical instructor.


Certified athletic trainers have met all educational requirements set forth by the Board of Certification (BOC) and have successfully passed a computerized certification exam to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge of an entry-level certified athletic trainer.

Roanoke graduate excels in the field of sports medicine and athletic training

Roanoke graduate excels in the field of sports medicine and athletic training

A student turned teacher of athletic training, this Maroon believes that he has come full circle in his experiences—and followed his passion the whole way.

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