About the program

Organization and management are essential to any successful enterprise. Every business is a team and every team needs a coach. Our Sport Management majors are leaders ready and able to fill a variety of roles within the businesses of sports, ensuring success with a fundamental understanding of administration, marketing, facilities management, budgeting, and personnel.

Sporting event management and recreational entertainment has become a vast industry in recent decades, and navigating the nuanced career options in this field requires a specific set of skills and experience in an interdisciplinary field. Majors in Sports Management gain fundamental knowledge in business administration and contemporary issues pertaining to the management of the sport industry.

Real-world Learning

Perfect for business-minded athletic fans and entrepreneurs, students in Sport Management gain practical, hands-on experience through internships with municipal parks and recreation departments, amateur and semi-professional sports teams, special event promoters, and television broadcast entities. Because of Roanoke College's history of hosting more than fifty NCAA championships, Sport Management majors are afforded a unique opportunity to observe and participate in the coordination of a fully functioning, national sporting event.

What's next?

By encouraging interaction with industry professionals and engaging in a challenging curriculum, students are prepared to pursue careers as publicists, managers, agents or to hold other positions in the sports industry.

Program Requirements
Sport Management Major

Recent Graduate Takes Part in Prestigious NCAA Internship

Recent Graduate Takes Part in Prestigious NCAA Internship

“Roanoke College provides its students with the opportunity to interact on a personal level with the faculty. There are a number of professors on campus who motivated me on a daily basis, especially within the health and human performance department,” says Dowell.

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