Intensive Learning - May Term

Roanoke College provides a wide array of intensive learning opportunities, including travel courses as well as on-campus courses. The majority of these courses are offered in May, during a three-week term, although some travel courses may run a little over or a little under the three-week period.

Examples of Past Intensive Learning Courses

Cultural Kinesis: Greece and the Ancient Olympic
This course will explore the leisure and sport of ancient Greece Travel destinations will include sites of the Crown Games, the most famous being the Ancient Olympic Games. Students will examine the historical significance of the games and their connection to ancient and modern society. In the spirit of the ancient Greek ideal of developing the mind and body in harmony, students will participate in some form of physical activity every day (i.e. Olympic events, Greek folk dances, physical training, etc.).
Photos from the 2010 trip

Video by Pete Halbrook '10 from the 2010 trip to Greece:


Czech Republic: Cross-Cultural Communications in the Czech Republic (IL 177)
Instructors: Dr. Michael Maina & Dr. Julie Maina
Prerequisites: None; Course is limited to 22 students
Cost: $3,950.00
This travel course includes a 17- day trip to in beautiful Prague, Olomouc, and Stramberk, along with other villages located in the Czech Republic. This course is designed to help participants broaden 21st century world citizenship skills with an emphasis on developing a positive attitude. Students interested in physical and mental challenges utilizing outdoor adventure, creative arts, as well as integration within the Czech culture should seriously consider taking this course. The course will focus on cross-cultural communication and international personal development that will require students to explore and comprehend Czech culture, basic language, history, arts, and problem solving ventures. Participants will have the opportunity to be physically active while learning alongside native teachers and students about the Czech culture and way of life.

West Virginia & North Carolina: Maroon Challenge: Leadership Development and Outdoor Adventure
Based on a blend of philosophies from several well-established leadership and outdoor adventure programs, this course is designed to facilitate leadership development and self-discovery through challenge, adventure and personal reflection. This course will take place on location within the New River Gorge, West Virginia and near the Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina. Prior outdoor experience is not a prerequisite for this course; however students must be in good physical condition and enjoy "learning by doing" out of doors.
photo Photos from the 2008 trip

Czech Republic: Cross-Cultural Communication in the Czech Republic
A May term intensive learning program located primarily in the Czech highlands east of Prague, Czech Republic. This will be a cross-cultural communication and personal development course combining problem solving skills, Czech culture, language, arts, role-playing, and team building ventures.
photo Photos from the 2008 trip

Principles and Practices of Weight Management
This course will examine the physiological, psychological, and societal effects of weight loss and weight gain. Current research will be used to investigate today's current trends of weight management, with an emphasis on obesity and eating disorders. Laboratories will provide students with opportunities to improve understanding of nutrition, and in constructing a weight loss program.

Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Body Image: A Historical View
This course will examine the physiological, psychological, and societal effects of weight loss, weight gain, and body image over the past century. Current research will be used to investigate today's trends of weight management, with an emphasis on obesity, eating disorders, and the obsession with body size. Laboratories and out of class experiences will provide students with opportunities to improve understanding of nutrition and today's methods of weight control.

Professors Guide Football officials

Professors Guide Football officials

The duo from the Health and Human Performance department watch sports on television, but they aren’t always looking for the score. Instead, they watch for the progress that they are making in the way that athletic officials are trained.

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