World History Minor

Do you take pride in reading English prose laden with diacritical marks? Do you consider ancient maps of foreign lands to be the best possible way to cover a wall? Do you find connections where other people might only see loose threads? Then the global history minor might be for you!

Our students can be found daydreaming of world travel or discussing events that span every continent on the globe (with the possible exception of Antarctica-because, you know, penguins).

Generally even-tempered, global history students rarely get agitated unless the evening world news focuses too much on Washington, or there is no good French-Polynesian-Thai fusion restaurant in the vicinity.

From identifying vague but common patterns across the centuries to analyzing world-wide cultural movements in the modern age, the study of global history could only be more fun if done from the first-class seat of a plane heading for adventure, foreign shores, and enlightenment.

History minors are a great way to explore the discipline, especially for those with a fear of commitment, since each minor requires only six courses.

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Professor's Book About 16th, 17th Century Ireland

Professor's Book About 16th, 17th Century Ireland

His book, A Star Chamber Court in Ireland: the Court of Castle Chamber, 1571-1641, is a detailed follow-up to his 1993 book Anglicizing the Government of Ireland.

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