Roanoke College

Independent Study


History students with special interests may conduct independent study projects. Conducting an independent study provides the qualified student with an opportunity for in-depth research into their topic of choice. Students complete projects while working closely with a member of the history faculty.

History 406

The purpose of History 406, Independent Study, is to provide the qualified student with an opportunity for in-depth research into a topic of special interest. The student will undertake the program under the direction of a member of the history faculty.

To apply for the program, a student should usually have a CPA of 3.0 in the discipline and have at least junior standing.

Application procedure:
The student must submit a written proposal to the history faculty (a copy to each member of the department) at least 4 weeks before registration for the term in which independent study is proposed. The written guidelines for this application must be followed. The history faculty meets as a group to appraise independent study proposals. Those proposals are accepted on which all members of the history faculty agree and on which one member agrees to act as supervisor. The applicant is informed of the decision at least one week before registration.

Course of Study:
The student should expect to meet on a regular basis with the supervisor, to discuss the work in progress, to consider any new directions and for periodic evaluation. The course of study requires one or more papers.