Roanoke College

Summer Scholars for History


The Summer Scholars Program at Roanoke College is a grant program that enables qualified students to conduct intensive, independent research for eight to twelve weeks during the summer. To qualify, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and must have completed 8 units of credit by the start of the grant period. Each summer scholar works with a faculty mentor who guides the project. Over the course of the summer, students and mentors meet for a series of colloquia to share ideas.

At the conclusion of the program, a day is set aside to showcase the work of the student scholars. In oral presentations, poster sessions, and research exhibits, they present the findings of their summer-long research, on projects that range from polymer synthesis to the culture of bullfighting in Spain. The Summer Scholar award covers activation waiver for one unit of independent study, on-campus housing, and a stipend of $2500.

Examples of Past Summer Scholar Projects:

A New South African History: Constitutional Revolution from 1910-1994

Honoring the Forgotten: The History and Future of East Hill Cemetery, North
Orientalism and shifting western images of the middle east in travel literature
German and Soviet Memoirs from the Battle for Stalingrad

From Miners to Boy Scouts:  A History of the Land that Became Camp Powhatan

Things Matter:  Camp Powhatan Object Biographies

The Empowerment of Latin American Women Through Struggle: The Social and Political Evolution of Carolina Maria de Jesus and Violeta Chamorro
What Sways the Family Shopper: Advertising and the Female Consumer, 1955-1965 and 1975-1985



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