About the program

The computer science program prepares its students to meet the computational challenges of our modern world.

A major in computer science gives a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations of computer science.

A major in applied computer science focuses more on developing applications.

Why study computer science at Roanoke?

Plug in. Computer labs are equipped with a virtual reality environment, dual-boot systems and a heterogeneous computer cluster.

Work it out. Students gain valuable on-the-job experience through part-time work in the information technology department. Internships with businesses and government agencies also open doors to workplace learning experiences.

Get results. Roanoke's many research opportunities allow students to find their own solutions to real-world problems.

Explore computer science firsthand

Opportunities for firsthand learning in the computer science major are wide-ranging:

What's next?

.edu / Roanoke computer science students have gone on to graduate programs at Clemson, John Hopkins, the University of Virginia and Wake Forest.

.com / Jobs of recent graduates include software engineer, technical director, web developer and game programmer.

Program requirements

Major Checksheets

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