Recommended Course Schedule



CPSC Courses Taught in 2012/13

120, 120L, 250, 310, 415,

170, 170L, 290, 310, 365, 395

CPSC Courses Taught in 2013/14

120, 120L, 250, 390, 310

170, 170L, 290, 340, 425, 310

The department recommends the following schedule(s) for students so that they may finish their program in three or four years. Some courses are offered every alternate year. Hence, the schedule differs for students depending on which year they enter the program.

Students entering in an Odd Year
Three Year Plan
Four Year Plan

Students entering in an Even Year
Three Year Plan
Four Year Plan

Professor Co-authors Calculus Textbooks

Professor Co-authors Calculus Textbooks

Real world examples, challenging writing exercises and the integration of technology within the text, make it accessible to all students.

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