Roanoke College

Fall 2005

All sessions will be in Massengill unless otherwise noted.
Date & Time Speaker Title

September 14, 2005

 Dr. Richard Grant

 The Science of Musical Instruments

 September 28, 2005

Dr. Stephen Hughes Human-Robot Interaction
October 12, 2005 Dr. Rama Balasubramanian Nanotechnology: Applications and Opportunities
November 2, 2005 Dr. Roland Minton Ranking Systems: Determining #1 in College Football
November 18, 2005 Dr. John Paul Roop How to Cook an Anomalous Chicken: From the Generalized Central Limit Theorm to Numerical Analysis of Fractional Partial Differential Equations
November 30, 2005 Dr. Chris Lee
Evolutionary Algorithms: Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarms, and Ant Colonies