Fall 2012

MATH111A&B Math Models/Management Science    Mrs. Claire Staniunas
MATH111C&D Math Models/Management Science   

Mrs. Kathy Bauman

MATH121B Calculus I        Dr. Hannah Robbins
MATH121C Calculus I        Mrs. Jan Minton
MATH121D Calculus I        Dr. Jeff Spielman
MATH122A   Calculus II Dr. Chris Lee
MATH131A   Discrete Mathematics Dr. Roland Minton
MATH201A   Linear Algebra Dr. Hannah Robbins
MATH321A   Vector Calculus          Dr. Roland Minton
MATH361A Abstract Algebra         Dr. David Taylor
MATH388A Geometry

Dr. Karin Saoub

MATH482A Applied Differential Equations          Dr. Chris Lee
PHYS 103A & B General Physics I Dr. Dan Robb
PHYS 103L2 General Physics I Lab Dr. Brian Gentry
PHYS103L1&L3 General Physics I Lab Mrs. Bonnie Price
PHYS202A Electricity & Magnetism Dr. Matt Fleenor
PHYS370A Thermal Physics Dr. Richard Grant
STAT401A Mathematical Statistics Dr. Adam Childers
CPSC120A & B Fundamentals of Computer Science I

Dr. Durell Bouchard

CPSC360A Networks Dr. Anil Shende
CPSC415E Web Programming Dr. Anil Shende
INQ110I Virtual Realities Dr. Anil Shende
INQ110J Science, Myths, Magic & Chaos

Dr. Roland Minton

INQ240G A Statistical Reasoning for Social Justice Dr. Jeff Spielman
INQ240N A&B Statistical Reasoning:  Here’s to Your Health

Mrs. Claire Staniunas

INQ240N C&D Statistical Reasoning:  Here’s to Your Health Mrs. Kathy Bauman
INQ240N F Statistical Reasoning:  Here’s to Your Health

Dr. Hannah Robbins

INQ240N I&J Statistical Reasoning:  Here’s to Your Health Mrs. Jan Minton
INQ240W B Statistical Reasoning:  Does Gun Control Save Lives?

Dr. Chris Lee

INQ241N A&B How to Run the World Efficiently     Dr. Karin Saoub
INQ250ASN A Astronomy Controversies of the Modern Era           

Dr. Matt Fleenor

INQ250PHN A Scientific Reasoning I Dr. Brian Gentry
INQ300L Contemporary Issues:  Yes, No, Maybe So Dr. David Taylor

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