Roanoke College

Student Research Presentations


Several MCSP students completed summer research projects in 2013.

In August, Heather Cook and Jonathan Marino presented their mathematical research at MathFest, a national mathematics meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. Heather computed probabilities and optimal strategies for Zombie Dice, and Jonathan studied graph theoretical properties of social networks, focusing on Twitter.

In November, Thomas Lux and Randall Pittman, Maya Shende, and John Guidry all presented posters at CCSC, a regional computer science meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. Thomas and Randall won the judges' first place award, Maya won second prize, and John finished in the top five.

The Roanoke Fall Showcase is an opportunity for summer research students to display their work to fellow students and visitors on Family Weekend. Summer research is funded by the college and the department. MCSP was well represented by these students:

Thomas Lux (pictured) and Randall Pittman: Analysis of Sensors for Robotic Localization and Mapping

Heather Cook: Optimal Strategies for Zombie Dice

Jonathan Marino: #GraphTheory in 140 Characters or Less

John Guidry: Beat and Emotion Tracking Mobile Radio

Other summer researchers include

Maya Shende: Computational Modeling of the pre-Botzinger Complex

Jen Baker: Medical physics, an immersive study