Roanoke College

Math Independent Studies


We strongly encourage students to participate in research projects. Topics for independent studies often come from the students, either from a topic mentioned briefly in a class or from discussions of possibilities with the faculty. Here are some of the recent topics that have been explored.

Mathematics of Games: Jared Meadows studied optimal strategies in situations where there is uncertainty about the rules of the game.

Mathematics of Gambling: Heather Cook studied optimal strategies in a new variant on a card game, Blackjack Switch.

Mathematics of Cell Dynamics: Paul Vines developed a model of iron metabolism in breast epithelial cells.

Mathematics of Networks: Sarah Witt studied various measures of influence in social networks (Facebook).

Mathematics of Plant Growth: Akram Sublouban studied L-systems, a fractal model of plant growth.

Mathematics of Sports: Emerson Wooge studied the role of consistency in team sports.

Mathematics of the Heart: April Saul studied the use of chaos theory techniques in analyzing the dynamics of the human heart rate.

More examples of independent studies can be found at this link.