Math FAQ

What do math majors do?

Compete academically - read about the modeling teams' successes
Compete athletically
- read about Sarah Witt's track feats; and more
Present research at meetings
- read about MathFest
Get valuable job training
- read about recent internships
Pie professors for charity - read about Math Club activities
Go to interesting talks
- read about the Conversation Series
Improve the world
- read about Jimmy Riggs's outreach



    What do math graduates do?

    Financial analysis - read about Jack Gerdeman's job
    Graduate school - read about recent schools attended
    Army research - read about Ashley Dennie's job
    Influence public policy - read about Maria Hudson's work
    Teach - read about our recent graduates who teach
    Industry jobs - read about careers using math
    Change the world - read about John McAfee



    What do math faculty do?

    Win teaching awards - read about our honors
    Original research - read about our research interests
    Supervise student research - read about past projects
    Create exciting new courses - read about our new courses
    Work with new technology - read about Mathematica
    Community projects - read about the coral reef
    Engage the world - read about our interests



    What else should I know about math?

    Major requirements - link here
    Recent news - link here
    Student research - link here
    Recommended links - link here
    Clubs and Honor societies - link here
    Department tea - link here
    Problem of the Month - try these: 3/13; 2/13; 12/12; 11/12; 10/12; 9/12; 4/12; 3/12; 2/12; 12/11; 11/11; 10/11


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