Faculty Interests

Dr. Dave Taylor

is a fan of magic, having seen numerous magicians in action over the years. Dave's recent Conversation Series talk "Magic, Mathemagic, and Mathematics" was an entertaining blend of mathematically-based tricks and Vegas-style card tricks.

Dr. Roland Minton

is a sports fan of almost all sports. Roland recent book Golf By the Numbers explores the mathematics of golf, featuring a statistical analysis of the PGA Tour. Also, link to www.roanoke.edu/mcsp/minton/bynumbers.html for college football ratings.

Dr. Chris Lee

has two deaf dogs. He and his wife Christina run Deaf Dogs Rock, which publicizes the benefits of deaf dogs and tries to match orphaned dogs with owners. The Lees also own horses at their home, Bluebird Farm.

Dr. Karin Saoub

has both the smallest Erdos and Bacon numbers on campus. Karin co-authored a mathematics paper with her advisor, who co-authored a paper with the great Paul Erdos. She was in the movie Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts, who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.

Dr. Adam Childers

is a biker and a runner. Adam's essay on mathematics and running at http://www.roanoke.edu/mcsp/minton/AdamNotebook.pdf is an interesting read. He also juggles, as everyone at his talk "The Mathematics of Juggling" found out.

Dr. Jeff Spielman

is a long-suffering Pittsburgh Pirates fan, a true believer whose dog Mazzy is named for Bill Mazeroski, hero of the Pirates World Series win in 1960. Jeff also roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who win a little more often.

Dr. Hannah Robbins

plays Ultimate Frisbee and the stand-up bass (not at the same time). Hannah sings and plays bass in the Flaky Biscuits band (see http://www.roanoke.edu/mcsp/minton/HannahBand.jpg) every first Monday at Mill Mountain Coffee.

Prof. Jan Minton

is coordinator of PAL (Presbyterians At Lunch), a monthly lunch and Elder Scholar-style program at Salem Presbyterian Church. Jan is also a knitter and crocheter, and has organized craft projects and groups at Roanoke College.

Prof. Kathy Bauman

is a volunteer usher at the Jefferson Center. This gets Kathy and her husband Scott into the great concerts there! Kathy is expert at cooking and all types of crafts.

Prof. Claire Staniunas

is a choir member and frequent soloist at Our Lady of Nazareth Church in Roanoke. Claire engages in therapeutic berry picking and jam making during the summer.


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