Jobs & Graduate School

At Roanoke College, approximately 95 percent of seniors receive job offers within six months of graduation or continue their education in graduate programs across the country. Here are some examples of where our alumni have ended up.

Graduate Schools

  • Clemson University
  • College of William and Mary
  • Duke University
  • Louisiana State University
  • George Washington University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Tennessee
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Virginia
  • Cornell University


  • Booz-Allen Hamilton
  • Federal Express
  • General Electric
  • ITT
  • Merck Laboratories
  • National Bureau of Standards
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Bureau of Census
  • Veterans Administration

Recent Graduates


  • Ryan Britton: Blueridge Interactive, web application developer
  • Tyler Cockey: seeking employment
  • Kelsey Fisher: GSM Consulting, mathematical consultant
  • David Guynn: Astronomy PhD program, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Colleen Hayes: Hanover Insurance, underwriter
  • Austin Howard: JDSU, test engineer
  • Ed Hrinya: Advancement Foundation, grant coordinator
  • Joe Jackson: seeking employment
  • Anne Kyner: Materials Science PhD program, University of Virginia
  • Sean Mathiesen: Virginia Beach, firefighter
  • Jared Meadows: Roanoke College, information technology
  • Fred Phillips: seeking employment
  • Jimmy Riggs: Houston Academy, math teacher/coach
  • Chris Rosa: Enterprise, management training
  • Marc Sandoval: seeking employment
  • April Saul: Mathematics PhD program, Virginia Tech
  • Brandon Shelton: Robertson Marketing
  • Elyse Teeney: IZOD, sales associate
  • Jon Thompson: seeking employment
  • Scott Thurston: mathematics teacher
  • Travis Torres: seeking employment


  • Jon Anthony: Norfolk Southern, Atlanta
  • Ahmad Dahche: Mechanical Engineering graduate school, SUNY Bingamton
  • Dumar Daniel: seeking employment
  • Justyn Dooley: HyperGen, software developer
  • Trent Kincer: finish teacher licensure
  • Jarret Longenecker: attend graduate school
  • Avery Makel: obtain engineering job
  • Patrick McDonough: underwriter for Hartford Insurance
  • Stephanie Morford: obtain government job using mathematics
  • Jon Ostrander: starting summer computer camp
  • Michael Rawlings: project manager for Blue Ridge Interactive
  • Akram Sublouban: Mechanical Engineering graduate school, Virginia Tech
  • Brandon Vaught: seeking employment
  • Paul Vines: attend Computer Science graduate school, University of Washington
  • Sarah Witt: attend Statistics graduate school, University of Kentucky
  • Emerson Wooge: statistical analyst, Carilion of Roanoke


  • Timmy Balint: Computer Science PhD program, George Mason
  • Shawn Caton: HyperGen, senior consultant
  • Chris Conner: HyperGen, software developer
  • Amanda Coughlin: Statistics Masters program, Virginia Tech
  • Noah Davidson: flight school
  • Greg Fielder: Affinity Consulting
  • Lizzie Franz: Mathematics teacher, Cave Spring Middle School
  • Nick Guendel: finish teacher licensure
  • Bonnie Gumpman: Scott Insurance
  • Natalie Horvath: HyperGen, software developer
  • Brian Jackson: seeking employment
  • Jared Jones: Rackspace Hosting
  • Michael Kluge: Roanoke County Public Schools IT
  • MiaoJing Li: return to Singapore, attend graduate school
  • Tim O'Brien: Dual Degree program at Virginia Tech
  • Michael Stark: Mathematics teacher and soccer coach
  • Heather Thompson: financial industry
  • Lindsay Van Leir: attend graduate school at University of Vermont


  • Jared Anthony: Accounting and Information Systems Masters program, Virginia Tech
  • Chris Bosley: Lenscrafters
  • Anne Brown: Carilion Health
  • Matthew Browning: Mathematics teacher at Lord Botetourt High School
  • David Colwell: seeking employment
  • Marcy Conner: Softwise Medical
  • Rob DelVecchio: Advance Auto
  • Andrew King: attend graduate school
  • Klayton Kress: attend Police Academy
  • Alan Moore: Mathematics teacher at Cave Spring High School
  • Beth Nicoll: attend law school
  • Steven Nunnally: Information Sciences PhD program, University of Pittsburgh
  • Matthew Potts: Senior Research Analyst, Lassiter Marketing Group, Atlanta GA


  • Kyle Black: Pursue graduate school in computer science
  • Reed Carlstrom: Relax!
  • Mohamad El Charfa: CAD developer at Dar Al Handasah
  • Derek Hardison: Software engineer, Washington, DC, area
  • James Kohlhaas: Datatel, northern Virginia
  • Mark Lucas: Computer Science PhD program, George Washington
  • Alex Moore: Structural Engineering Masters program, Virginia Tech
  • Adam Peters: Mathematics teacher, Franklin County HS, Virginia
  • Michael Reichelt: Employed in computer-related job
  • Nate Wilson: Athletic department, Roanoke College


  • Kyle Allen: Tennis Instructor in Roanoke, pursue undergraduate building construction degree
  • Britney Barrett: Job with CMR Institute creating instructional materials for health industry
  • Ivanka Barzashka: Research assistant, Federation of American Scientists
  • Jake Bennett: High Energy Physics PhD program, Indiana University
  • Blaire Conner: Mathematics teacher, Liberty High School, Virginia
  • Ashley Francis: Job Center for Army Analysis, pursue graduate school in operations research
  • Casey Gearheart: Statistics PhD program at Virginia Tech
  • A.J. Haynes: Management training, Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Mathew Miller: M.S. Applied Physics program, Johns Hopkins University
  • Brittany Shelby: Mathematics teacher, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jack Tompkins: Special education teacher


  • Laura Cassels: Physics PhD program, University of Delaware
  • Cassie Cotter: Job financial analyst, ING
  • Jared Egger: Pursue career in financial analysis
  • Ikenna Elechi: Physics degree
  • Andrew Fleming: Computer consultant, CGI
  • Edward Fuller: Pursue physics graduate school
  • Perry Hardin: Mathematics teacher, Rockbridge High School, Virginia
  • Chris Hott: Pursue career as computer programmer
  • Jordan Klein: Pursue physics graduate school
  • Andrew Lumsden: Engineering program, Virginia Tech
  • Josh Morris: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • David Myer: Mathematics Masters program, Clemson University
  • Michael Olson: Pursue employment in insurance industry
  • Alex Renjel: Employed by United States Senate
  • Stephen Rinker: Mathematics teacher, CCHS
  • Hampton Smith: Computer Science PhD program, Clemson University
  • Scotty Smith: Computer Science PhD program, George Washington University
  • Nate Unroe: Leadership consultant, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Jared Walters: Youth pastor, New Century Church
  • Tom Ward: M.S. Applied Physics Program, University New Orleans
  • Jessi Whitenack: Statistics PhD program, Virginia Tech
  • Jessica Young: Computer Science PhD program, N.C. State
Roanoke math, computer science and physics students win awards at national conference

Roanoke math, computer science and physics students win awards at national conference

Thomas Lux '15, Randall Pittman '16, Maya Shende '14, John Guidry '14 and Natalie Wilkinson '16 presented research at the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges.

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