Roanoke College

Iris Myers - Highlights and Philosophy of Teaching


As a foreign language teacher I believe that education can and should be an elemental part of a healthy multicultural society. Students should be encouraged and reinforced for expressing their ideas. The recognition of the importance of individual learning styles is critical to success in any learning environment. I apply diverse techniques not only in providing information, but also refinement in the learning of a new language. The teaching of disabled learning students requires nontraditional methods and techniques. Therefore, I incorporate computer software programs and web sites which provide immediate feedback and facilitate the learning process. These teaching tools help build self-esteem and confidence. Students assimilate information better when they interactively work and cooperate in groups. Education should have freedom, spontaneity, creativity, humor, and respect. In my classes I create an environment that stimulates both creative writing and oral language skills. Beyond traditional help for all my students, I gain the greatest satisfaction in working with special needs students, including those with multiple learning disabilities. As a learning disabled person, I am ever mindful of my opportunity not only to educate our students, but to inspire their self-assurance as they enter the world at large.