The Language Resource Center has much equipment for student's foreign language studies. The LRC serves is a place where students can normally come on an individual basis to do their work or as a classroom in which a video may be shown to an entire class. The LRC also has a seminar room for smaller classes.

Equipment in the LRC itself includes:
  • Self teaching Portuguese program on computer 23
  • Self teaching Chinese program on computer 21
  • Self teaching Arabic program on computer 22
  • 2 combo VCR/DVD players and 1 TV
  • 2 portable projectors
  • 1 MultiStandard VCR
  • 38 CD/DVD players and burners
  • 38 Dell Optiplex 780 Workstations
  • Windows 7 64bit Professional  
  • 38 headphones with microphones
  • 1 set of iclickers
  • Multiple CD Copy Tower
  • Canon Video Visualizer  
  • 3 Dell laptops
  • 1 Document Camera
  • 5 Flick Cameras 
  • 1 Tripod
  • Satellite dish: Spanish (16 channels), Italian and French
    • NOTE: The LRC has video and audio networking to all terminals so any learning tool may be shared with any and all stations in the lab for teaching purposes.

  • Video Recorder for the Satellite
  • Multimedia classroom inside the Language Resource Center