Self-Tutoring Software

The Tell Me More! Arabic program teaches standard Arabic found in newspapers, television broadcasts and conversation between Arabic speakers of different nationalities. At the same time, an introduction to dialects such as Egyptian, Yemeni, Algerian and Moroccan is also provided. Two different modes of learning, “free-to-roam” and “guided,” allow you to explore over 5,000 exercises designed to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Cultural videos also supplement the authentic learning experience.

Have you ever wanted to speak, read and write Chinese? Are you traveling abroad to China and want to be prepared for the experience? The Tell Me More! Chinese program features beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and is able to recognize the four tones of Mandarin Chinese. Supplemented by 400 photos of everyday Chinese culture, the program introduces standard Chinese used throughout the People’s Republic of China.

The Language Now! program features pronunciation guides, speech tutorials and cultural videos featuring Brazil.