French Major

A major in French consists of the completion of 11 units above the 202 level in this language. Majors must complete one period of study abroad. A major must be enrolled in at least two one-unit courses in French during the senior year. Appropriate periods of study abroad include an Intensive Learning or May Term travel course, a summer, semester, or year abroad with a department-approved program such as ISEP, CREPUQ, or another university-sponsored program.

Majors must take:

One language course from the following:

French 300
French 301
French 303

One composition course from the following:

French 302
French 304

One civilization and culture course from the following:

French 311
French 312
French 313
French 315

A total of four literature courses; that is, a minimum of one course from four of any of the five periods of literature listed below:

1. Middle Ages: 421

2. Renaissance: 431, 420

3. 17th and 18th Centuries: 441

4. 19th Century: 420, 451

5. 20th Century: 461, 462

In addition, majors must take four French electives to be selected from the courses listed above or from any of the other 300 and 400 level French courses or Linguistics 320. However, no more than two courses taught in English may be applied toward the major.

Students who study abroad should select, in consultation with their advisors, appropriate substitutes for these requirements. With department approval, French 380 and 480 and 406 may count as courses for the above periods if appropriate to the literary period. French 420 may be counted for only one period of literature. Note that French 201 and 202 or their equivalent are prerequisites for all advanced courses in French.

Two 300-level courses are recommended before taking any 400-level literature course. The linguistics course taught in English (Linguistics 320) may be counted towards the major.

It is suggested that majors interested in:

a) French studies in graduate school take French 301, 302, 311, 312, 315, and one literature course from each of the five periods of literature, and acquire a working knowledge of a second foreign language;

b) Teaching French take French 341, French 301, 302, 303, 304, 311, 312 or 315, and enough courses in another subject or a second foreign language to meet licensure requirements in a second area;

c) Business or international diplomacy take French 300, 301, 303, 304, 311 and/or 312 or 315, 330, Business Administration 211, and Political Science 231.

French Major Checklist

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