French Minor

A minor in French consists of six units, including:

French 201 and 202, or two elective units

French 300 or 301 or 303

French 302 or 304

French 311 or 312 or 313 or 315

And one course to be selected from any French course numbered at the 300 or 400 level.

French Minor

Core Requirements
FREN 201 Intermediate French I
FREN 202 Intermediate French II
FREN 300 French Conversation I
or FREN 301 French Conversation II
or FREN 303 Oral Expression and Phonetics
FREN 302 French Composition
or FREN 304 Structure of Modern French
FREN 311 Civilization and Culture I
or FREN 312 Civilization and Culture II
or FREN 313 French Life and Culture
or FREN 315 Francophone Societies
FREN 300+ Elective

French Elective Courses
FREN 330 Technical and Business French
FREN 341 Methods of Teaching French
FREN 380 Special Studies in French Language, Literature, and Culture
FREN 405 Independent Study (1/2 Unit)
FREN 406 Independent Study
FREN 416 Internship
FREN 420 The French Poetic Tradition
FREN 421 The Medieval World
FREN 431 Renaissance Vision and Voices
FREN 441 Political and Civil Order in 17th- and 18th-Century French Literature
FREN 451 Romanticism, Realism, and Naturalism in 19th-Century Literature
FREN 461 The Modern Novel and Short Story
FREN 462 From Surrealism to the Absurd in 20th-Century Drama
FREN 480 Advanced Studies in French Language, Literature, and Culture
FREN 495 Honors Project
FREN 496 Honors Project
FREN 497 Honors Project

Roanoke student teaches in Guatemala

Roanoke student teaches in Guatemala

This Maroon spent the summer teaching in Guatemala as a way to cement her Spanish language skills while giving back to and working with an indigenous community.

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