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Japan's unique culture stems from a surprising mix of art, religion and philosophy which is still evident today. Relevant for fans of Japan's impressive pop culture as well as for students of classic literature, the Japanese program at Roanoke explores multiple facets of Japanese life.  

Why study Japanese at Roanoke?

It's business. Japan has one of the most influential economies in the world. A working knowledge of Japanese can make an employee attractive to companies that operate in the global marketplace.

Manga, karaoke and sushi, oh my!  Japan's popular culture influences trends worldwide. Roanoke's program combines language skills with surprising cultural insights.

Think again. Because the Japanese language functions in a radically different way, students are challenged to reconsider their basic expectations about how language works.  

Study Abroad Programs

Kansai-Gaidai University - Osaka, Japan
The Kyoto Language School Summer Program - Kyoto Japan

Courses in Japanese


Yasuko Kumazawa Prof. Yasuko Kumazawa
Lucas Hall 007


Study Abroad Leads to Job in Japan

Study Abroad Leads to Job in Japan

“There are really beautiful facets of East Asian cultures, specifically Chinese and Japanese, which deserve attention from students.”

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